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Your Retirement Dreams Matter

We understand that you worked a lifetime to achieve your retirement dreams, we want to help you protect those dreams.  Our team of retirement professionals and wealth professionals can help you create a well-thought-out strategy, using a variety of insurance products and services, to help you build a pension like income that will last for life.

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We Provide Retirement & Financial Services in North and South Carolina, Florida, and Tennessee

The Prosperity Group is a private retirement planning firm that focuses on helping you retire safely and securely.

With our Safe Money Strategies we will help you protect your retirement nest egg and prepare you for a confident future! Let us show you how to create tax free income and how to safely grow your 401K and IRA earning a reasonable rate of return without risk of market loss.

Comprehensive Financial Planning Services

Retirement Planning

We work individually with each client to create an individualized prosperity plan.  Using our safe money strategies, we reduce risk and creates a tax-free, pension like income.

Wealth Management

Our strategies help you accumulate weath at a resonable rate of return, while protecting you from market losses.

Tax Planning

As taxes go up, we consider how to defer as  much of those taxes as possible as part of your overall retirement strategy.

Estate & Legacy Planning

We can show you strategies that will help you create a pension like income for you and your spouse that incorporate tax strategies to provide for a maximum legacy for your family.


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